Venting in Closed Femoral Nailing: A Simple Technique Using a Frazier Suction Tip

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Theerawoot Tharmviboonsri
Kongkhet Riansuwan
Rapin Phimolsarnti
Banchong Mahaisavariya


A surgical technique to drain the medullary content during closed femoral nailing by using a Frazier suction tip as
a vent is demonstrated. This method is simple, safe and reproducible. The medullary content can be drained outside without
surrounding soft tissue contamination and the intramedullary pressure is possibly minimized when femoral canal reaming and
nail insertion is performed.


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Tharmviboonsri, T. ., Riansuwan, K. ., Phimolsarnti, R. ., & Mahaisavariya, B. . (2020). Venting in Closed Femoral Nailing: A Simple Technique Using a Frazier Suction Tip. Siriraj Medical Journal, 63(3), 92–93. Retrieved from
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