Pancoast Tumor as a Cause of Profound Brachial Plexopathy

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Wilawan Thirapatarapong
Gulapar Srisawasdi


Pancoast tumor is also called superior sulcus tumor. The classic presentation is an aching pain about the shoulder region with some radiation to the scapula and weakness in the intrinsic hand muscles unilaterally (C8-T1 distribution). This case report demonstrates a rare case of Pancoast tumor which involved the fifth cervical through the first thoracic nerve roots with pain and severe muscle weakness throughout the arm.


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Thirapatarapong, W. ., & Srisawasdi, G. . (2020). Pancoast Tumor as a Cause of Profound Brachial Plexopathy. Siriraj Medical Journal, 62(1), 26–28. Retrieved from
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