An Education Program for Thai IRB Staffs: “Modern IRB Officersâ€

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Sriwimon Manochiopinig
Jariya Lertakyamanee
Supakan Khemngern


Objective: Standard operating procedures and education for Institutional Review Board (IRB) staff are important issues and will contribute to their competency and effectiveness in working. An educational program for Thai IRB staff, taught by Siriaj IRB staff, was developed.

Methods: A one-day course was organized with two objectives: to know the framework of Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity for Ethics Review (SIDCER) and Forum for Ethical Review Comittees in Asia and Western Pacific Region (FERCAP) survey, and to learn to conduct the day-to-day activities of IRB effectively. The course included lectures, IRB office visit and a researcher’s input. Each Siriraj IRB staff was assigned one IRB member to provide guidance, comment and assistance. The program began with rationale and objectives, followed by the framework of SIDCER’s recognition program, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), review process, data management and archive. Staffs showed their documents, time table and tips to improve the work. An invited clinical researcher presented his expectation and perception of IRB services. Lastly, participants visited the office to observe the staffs’ daily activities, the IT system, website, and archiving of documents. Sharing experience and knowledge was encouraged. A questionnaire and open discussion were used to evaluate the program.

Results: Thirty-two participants of 15 institutes varied in experience. They shared their experience and knowledge with ques- tions, answers and feedback. Participants indicated positive satisfaction and gained more knowledge after the course, whereas Siriraj IRB staff had better understanding of their roles. A future educational course may be twice a year as recommended.

Conclusion: The program could educate and reinforce IRB staff about their roles and responsibilities. Such education could also increase their understanding about SIDCER/FERCAP surveys


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