Innovative Device for Enhancing Physical Distancing in the COVID-19 Situation

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Pitchayanont Ngamchaliew
Polathep Vichitkunakorn
Phatthana Wangsapan
Nantapat Buppodom
Narawit Junchoo
Patitta Chanhom
Gun Sudsangiam
Manattra Patpoom
Chanissara Chaichana


Objective:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, physical distancing is one of the non-pharmaceutical measures that was recommended to reduce COVID-19 spread. Studies regarding physical distancing intervention and its effectiveness in Thailand have rarely been reported. This study aimed to evaluate physical distancing compliance among newly developed media interventions.
Methods: We used accidental sampling and the data collection method was observation via CCTV, at the university canteen. Three interventions, including an attractive picture, a flashing red-light, a speech alarm sound and the conventional intervention were employed to 400 customers. Each intervention was monitored in non-prime hours.
Results: The quasi-experimental study of 400 participants, the success rate of developed intervention including a flashing red light (6.0%, p = 0.279), an attractive picture (5.0%, p = 0.445) and a speech alarm sound (4.0%, p = 0.683) in promoting physical distancing compliance was not statistically significant from conventional intervention (2.0%). However, there was a statistically significant enhancement of physical compliance in some marking positions in our intervention.
Conclusion: The effectiveness of the innovative device was not statistically significant to enhance physical distancing compliance among customers of the university canteen. The compliance statistically significantly enhances in some marking points. The integration of the use of media into conventional interventions provides an alternative for enhancing physical distancing.


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Ngamchaliew, P., Vichitkunakorn, P. ., Wangsapan , P. ., Buppodom, N. ., Junchoo, N. ., Chanhom, P. ., Sudsangiam, G. ., Patpoom, M. ., & Chaichana , C. . (2021). Innovative Device for Enhancing Physical Distancing in the COVID-19 Situation. Siriraj Medical Journal, 73(2), 69–76.
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