Professional Performance Among Nurses at Accredited Hospital in the Bangkok Metropolis

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Chanakarn Boonnuch
Pantip Ramasoota
Chaiwat Panjaphongse
Jintana Yunibhand
Wannee Deoisres
Siravit Koolrojanapat


The objectives of this study were to determine the level of professional performance among nurses, to examine factors affecting their performance, and to formulate a model for their performance at accredited hospitals in the Bangkok metropolis. A set of questionnaires was filled out by a random sampling method, 518 samples were drawn. The data were analyzed by multiple regression and confirmatory factor analysis.
   The findings revealed that about 70% of the nurses were found to have a professional performance score at the moderate level. The mean score for adherence to the nurses' code, quality of care, and self-development aspect fell within the high and the fairly high levels. The mean score on the resource utilization and management aspect was at the moderate level. Mean scores falling at the rather low levels were community service, theory, research, and professional organization participation aspects: the dissemination aspect's mean scores was the low level. Factors used for predicting professional performance at predictive power of 39% were the following: goal-setting, self-efficacy, social support, and professional socialization (only this last factor, being not statistically significant). The professional performance among nurses at accredited hospital in the Bangkok metropolis included ten aspects comprising 45 items by confirmatory factor analysis method. The theory, research, dissemination, and community service aspects along with professional organization participation aspect should be promoted by the hospital accreditation policy and nursing professional organization aspect should be professional nurses and the various hospital professionals should be encouraged.


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Boonnuch, C. ., Ramasoota, P. ., Panjaphongse, C. ., Yunibhand, J., Deoisres, . W. ., & Koolrojanapat, . S. . (2003). Professional Performance Among Nurses at Accredited Hospital in the Bangkok Metropolis. Siriraj Medical Journal, 55(11), 640–647. Retrieved from
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