Cervical Length at Mid-Trimester in Thai Women with Normal Singleton Pregnancies

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Prapat Wanitpongpan


Objective: To establish a normal value of cervical length at mid-trimester of Thai women with normal singleton pregnancies and to define the cutoff value of short cervix in Thai population.
Methods: An observational study was carried out including 1,027 women whose cervical length were measured by transvaginal ultrasonography during 20-24 weeks of gestation. Those who had risk factors of preterm labour or delivered before 37 weeks were excluded.
Results: Mean cervical length of nulliparous, multiparous women and overall population were 40 (29.4-49.2) mm, 42.1 (31.9-54) mm and 41 (30.6-52) mm respectively (p<0.001). Short cervix, defined as less than 5 percentile of normal value, in overall population was 30.6 mm.
Conclusion: The cervical length of pregnant Thai women is a little longer than previously reported and this new cutoff value should be studied to assess its accuracy in prediction of preterm labour in Thai population.

Keywords: Cervical length, short cervix, preterm labour, Thai pregnant women


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