Skin Diseases among Elderly Attending Out-patient Dermatologic Clinic, Siriraj Hospital

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Charussri Leeyaphan


Objective: Elderly people have been increasing rapidly around the world. Skin diseases affect most elderly both physically and mentally. This study aimed to describe geriatric skin diseases related to age, gender, and seasonal differences.
Methods: The medical records of patients over 60 years of age attending the dermatologic clinic, Siriraj Hospital, Thailand in 2012 were randomly collected from each season. The data was analyzed according to sex, age and season.
Results: From 516 patients with the median age of 70±7.6 years, the five most frequent skin diseases were eczematous dermatitis 161 (31.2%), infection 113 (21.9%), tumor 62 (12%), psoriasis 43 (8.3%), and hair disorders 27 (5.2%). The most common eczema were xerotic eczema which was significantly seen more in winter compared with other seasons (p=0.029). Trunk and legs were the significant areas of complaints. The infectious diseases were mostly fungus (15.1%), followed by virus (5.2%), bacteria (1.2%), and parasite (0.4%). Nail, soles and feet and intertriginous area were the significantly presented areas in the infectious group. The prevalence of benign and malignant neoplasms were 8.3% and 3.7%, respectively. The risk of developing neoplasm rose significantly with age. For older age, the complaint area was on the face, and a history of having other tumor were significant factors in the tumor group.
Conclusion: Skin diseases among the elderly should be more focused. Age, gender, season and area of complaint were important predisposing factors. Holistic approach and complete body examination were recommended.
Keywords: Elderly, skin diseases, prevalence, season


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