Published: 2022-08-23

Family Participation: A Strategy for Encouraging Treatment Adherence among Older Persons with Uncontrolled Hypertension

Junjira Seesawang, Pulawit Thongtaeng, Phatchararin Naimkerd, Jongjit Tantaphoprasit

Associations among Knowledge, Attitudes, Health Behaviors, and Stress of Pregnant Women in Thailand during the New Coronavirus-2019

Pairin Sukontrakoon, Srisamorn Phumonsakul, sailom Gerdprasert, Shuleeporn Prohm, Arissara Sawatpanich

Sleep Patterns and Sleep Problems in Older Persons with Dementia and Management by Caregivers

Narumon Numpha, Pornthip Malathum, Nuchanad Sutti, Taweevat Assavapokee

Medication Administration Errors of Nursing Students during Practice in Clinics and in Simulation

Streerut Thadakant, Sophia H Hu, Sumolchat Duangbubpha, Teerawat Changpad, Mingkamon Pibanwong