Published: 2019-10-23

Increasing Demand for MSI Testing and Prevalence of MSI-H Cancers in Thai Patients: Experience at Chulalongkorn GenePRO Center.

Thiyaphat Laohawetwanit, MD, Wipada Boonkasem, MSc, Bussakorn Thongsawang, MSc, Piyamai Chankate, MSc, Warisa Kaileaw, BSc, Shanop Shuangshoti, MD, Chinachote Teerapakpinyo, PhD


Diagnostic Accuracy of Urine Cytology for Urothelial Carcinoma Screening: Retrospective Study in Ramathibodi Hospital

Sirithep Plumworasawat, MD, MIAC, Kakanant Chopsri, MLP, Wasana Kanoksil, MD, Suchin Worawichawong, MD, Atcharaporn Pongtippan, MD, MIAC


Epidemiology of Thoracolumbar Spine Injuries associated with Speedboat Travelling without Collision: A Unique Spine Injury Mechanism.

Narote Treenarong, MD, Chaiyut Suteerayongprasert, MD, Thanaporn Pudpong, MD, Chaiyos Kunanusont, MD,PhD


A Novel “Inocap” Method for Homogeneous Catheter Hubs Bacterial Inoculation Using a Combination of Male Luer Caps and O-rings.

William W. Tang, Benyarat Wiriyanithinon, Nathan S. Kim, Chanond Sophonpanich, Tanant Waritanant


Relationships of Selected Factors, Health Literacy and Clinical Outcomes in Community Dwellers with Hypertension

Orathai Piamsiri, RN, MNS, Chularak Kaweevivithchai, RN,PhD, Nareemarn Neelapaichit, RN,DrPH


Preliminary study of Slow Deep Breathing in Mindfulness Exercise Effects on Physical Health Outcome among Hypertensive Patients

Pantip Sangprasert, MNS, Srimuang Palangrit, PhD, Junya Pattaraarchachai, DSc, Natima Tiyoa, MD


Changing of Pelvic Incidence after Lumbosacral Fusion: A Retrospective Study in Bangkok Hospital.

Chaidej Sasomboon, MD, Kanoknard Jaisanuk, MD, Porameth Charoentanakorn, MD, Kanit Chamroontaneskul, MD, Tayard Buranakarl, MD, Yodruk Prasert, MD, Supreecha Kapiya, MD, Yongsakdi Liengudom, MD, Sarij Srisuparp, MD, Phudhiphorn Thienprasit, MD, PhD, FACS


Oral Anticoagulation in 2017

Thomas Vanassche, MD, PhD, Frans Van De Werf Frans, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, FAHA


Parental View of Palliative Care in Children with Cancer: Integrative Review

Pattama Boonchuaylua, RN, Puangpaka Kongvattananon, RN, PhD, Chomchuen Somprasert, RN, PhD


Symptom Experiences and Management of Patients with Head and Neck Cancer Receiving Radiation Therapy: Integrated Review

Sirikorn Rojthamarat, RN, Chomchuen Somprasert, RN, PhD, Puangpaka Kongvattananon, RN, PhD


Nursing Outcomes of Patient’s Comfort during Neoplastic Chemotherapy: An Integrative Review

Paranee Phongnopakoon, RN, MSN, APN, Puangpaka Kongvattananon, RN, PhD, Chomchuen Somprasert, RN, PhD


Mother-Adolescent Daughter Communication about Sex: Integrative Review

Lakkhana Chainok, RN, Puangpaka Kongvattananon, RN, PhD, Chomchuen Somprasert, RN, PhD


PSMA for PET Imaging of Prostate Cancer

Ananya Ruangma, Suphansa Kijprayoon, Suthatip Ngokpol


Result of Genetic Analysis in FH Case

Gumpanart Veerakul, MD, Chanin Limwongse, MD, ABIM, ABMG, Michael D. Shapiro, MD, FACC, Sergio Fazio, MD, PhD, FAHA, ertlak Chaothawee, MD, Narucha Chaishotiranant, MD