Development of Accreditation Program for Thai Medical Laboratories in Compliance with ISO 15189

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Surasak Muenphon
Patravee Soisangwan
Siripan Wongwanich
Nattakarn Laieddee


       The Bureau of Laboratory Quality Standards, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health is the only accreditation body in Thailand providing medical laboratory accreditation program according to ISO 15189. This accreditation program has a full member status of Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) under the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). There are 193 registered assessors who can conduct the medical laboratory assessment according to ISO 15189. From B.E. 2547 to 2562, accumulated numbers of 201 medical laboratories in Thailand have been accredited in compliance with ISO 15189. Despite a number of success in quality improvement was shown by medical laboratories in Thailand. However, the data obtained from the accreditation processes analysis also shows the weakness of the processes that needs to be improved further. Therefore, accreditation body’s strategies have been established to enhance the effectiveness of medical laboratory accreditation programs. By simplifying procedures, reducing time and reducing the number of documents, used in the accreditation processes, and then focusing on enhancing the competencies of voluntary assessors from external organizations and all internal personnel of the accreditation body. Developing a more proactive form of communication and public relations has been included. It aims to raise the medical laboratories that certified by national standards to become ISO 15189 accredited laboratories. At the same time, the medical laboratory accreditation processes has been developed to be faster which reduced the duration of the accreditation process from 220 days to an average of 77 days, by implementing the Electronic-Accreditation process (e-Accreditation). We are committed to expanding the scope of accreditation covering the preservation of biological substances in accordance with the ISO 20387:2018 Biotechnology-Biobanking-General requirements for biobanking by B.E. 2565. The study also proposes ways to improve the management structure of four accreditation bodies in Thailand.


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