Knowledge and Attitude towards Epilepsy in Thai District Physicians

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Orawan Silpakit


This study was done in order to survey the knowledge and attitude towards uncomplicated epilepsy of district physicians who participated in an intensive short course on epilepsy held by the Ministry of Public Health from December 2001 to March 2002. A questionnaire was developed by the author and adapted from Davies and Schambler's study that was designed to collect demographic data and information on general knowledge of epilepsy and the physician's role and attitude towards epilepsy. There were 30 items in the questionnaire relating to attitude, i.e. personality, emotion, job opportunity and family life of epileptic people. The 1-7 Likert scale was applied. 230 completed copies were analyzed by frequency and percentage.
   Demographic data indicated that the participants were from the following parts of the country: North, 43 participants (18.9%); Northeast, 97 participants (42.1%); South, 42 participants (18.5%); Central and East, 48 [participants (20.6%). The mean age was 31.40 ± 8.26 years. 81.7% had never attended a course on epilepsy. 70% gained experience in epilepsy from medical school. 33.5% thought that knowledge gained from medical school was sufficient for caring of uncomplicated epileptic cases. 57.9% felt confident caring for epileptics. 98% did not have enough knowledge on new anti-epileptic drugs. 60% considered conventional anti-epileptic drugs' efficacy in generalized tonic-clonic seizure different. 99.1% agreed that guidelines for care of epileptic patients were beneficial. 75% thought that general practitioners (GPs) should pay a role in counseling. Most had a positive view on epileptic peoples. 58.2% felt that epileptic were affected by a public stigma because of their disease. In conclusion, the attitude of district physicians was positive. Continuing medical education for GPs should be further developed and the curriculum for medical student should be revised.


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