Published: 16-10-2020

Comparison of Morphine Given by An Intravenous Sliding Scale or by Intramuscular Route for Postoperative Pain Relief in Pediatric Patients : An Interim Analysis

Suwannee Suraseranivongse, Songyos Valairucha, Mongkol Laohapensang, Ravit Ruangtrakul, Suntree Saleepanth, Ruedee Kaosaard, Praneet Sirirutbunkajal


Induction of Acrosome Reaction by Calcium Ionophore A23187 in Sperm Separated by Two-layer Percoll Gradient Method

Roungsin Choavaratana, Darapa Manoch, Nuannat Treeratanaporn, Somboon Kunathikom


Accuracy of Conventional CT in Predicting Resectability of Cholangiocarcinoma: A Retrospective Review

Suwannee Surattanasophon, Apinya Chareonsul, Ranista Suchato, Yongyut Sirivatanauksorn


Dementia : Patient's Right and Physician's Role

Supawon Srettabunjong, Amnaj Kusalanan, Rungnirandt Praditsuwan, Chanvit Pornnoppadol