Effects of Using Nursing Practice Guideline for Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Prevention: Medical Department

  • เบญจมาศ ทำเจริญตระกูล
  • ดลวิวัฒน์ แสนโสม
Keywords: VAP, ventilator associated pneumonia prevention, WHAPO CNPG, ventilator


            This quasi-experimental study is two-group posttest design. The purposes of this study were to evaluate1) the results of  using supra-WHAPO CNPG for ventilator associated pneumonia prevention  to the incident rate of early-onset VAP (EVAP), 2) nurses’ satisfaction  and CNPG adherence to supra-WHAPO CNPG. The participants were 120 patients on ventilators within the first four day after admission in the medical units of a hospital. The 63 participants of the control group received standard care of the hospital. On the other hand, the 57 participants of the experimental group received WHAPO CNPG during October, 2017 to February, 2018. Data were analyzed by Chi-square, Relative Risk Ratio, frequency, percentage, mean, and standard division.

            The result of this study showed that the incident rate of EVAP in control group was 14 times or 56.45 times/1,000 ventilator days (95% CI=0.0052, 0.0436). The experimental group was 3 times or 15.15 times/1,000 ventilator days (95% CI=0.0052, 0.0436). The relative risk of the control group was more than the experimental group (RR = 4.96, 95% CI = 1.50, 16.45, p=.009). The total mean score of satisfaction among 24 nurses who used supra-WHAPO CNPG was at the high level (mean=4.29, SD=.62, or 85%). The mean score of nurses’ CNPG adherence was over 90% of all activities.

            Therefore, the result of this study showed that supra-WHAPO CNPG can reduce incident rate and relative risk of EVAP among patients on ventilators in the medical units.  In addition, Supra-WHAPO CNPG is practical for nurse working because the mean scores of satisfaction and CNPG adherence were high level. However, there may be other factors influencing on incident rate of VAP. The next study should include these factors. 


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