Palliative Care Education in Thai Nursing Students: A Scoping Review

  • Wiriya Phokhwang
  • Wiparat Suwanwaiphatthana
  • Chuleeporn Heetakson
  • Soratree Phaenoi
  • Jittiporn Srisaket
Keywords: Thai nursing students, palliative care, education


There are limited training courses designed to prepare registered nursing students for providing palliative care. Prior to this research, no study had been conducted to review or synthesize research studies regarding palliative care education among Thai nursing students. This study aimed to conduct a scoping review of the studies and extra-curriculum course development on palliative care among Thai nursing students. The reviewed studies and courses which had been done from 2007 until 2019 and includes those which were either published or unbuplishes and found in Thai research databases (ThaiLIS), university databases, Thai journal databases (ThaiJO), websites of academic nursing organizations, or Google Scholar. The scoping review revealed that there were five studies or courses: three extra-curriculum courses, one regular course among the other courses within the normal baccalaureate nursing degree coursework, and one learning model of palliative care education related to Thai nursing students.  Teaching strategies for palliative care education included both didactic and experiential strategies, using simulation based learning and clinical practice. Transformative and experiential theories were applied in the education. The effectiveness and learning outcomes of the education and training were assessed based on the students’ palliative care knowledge, attitudes, and practice, as well as specific outcomes outlined by the concepts and theories of the courses and modules. Education and training in the studies showed an improvement in the Thai nursing students’ competencies in palliative care. Therefore, the administrative nursing educators and nursing education-involved parties can utilize the results of this study to improve the curriculum for undergraduate nursing education with the inclusion of palliative care courses into the programs of study.


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