Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Alcohol Addiction: Application in Nursing

  • Tayawee Juntarawiwat
  • Buppha Jaimun
  • Sumonthip Boonkerd
Keywords: mindfulness meditation, mindfulness - based, alcohol dependence, application


Current alcohol rehabilitation therapy has advanced significantly in terms of science and technology. However, the therapy is still primarily focused on symptomatic treatment, whilst problems among alcoholics are complex and diverse.  By understanding the changes in the brain and nervous system, motivational behaviours, and their reality are essential to describing the alcoholic addiction cycle and relapse mechanism. This article aims to illustrate the mindfulness meditation foundation knowledge which has been applied in alcohol addiction patients using a literature review of various resources, including research articles, grey literature, and therapist’s experiences in applying mindfulness meditation to alcoholics’ rehabilitation. By illustrating the drinking mechanism, previous behaviour a rising from alcohol addiction, behaviour of alcoholics, and the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions for alcohol addiction, the mindfulness-based interventions help alcoholics to understand the mechanism of addition, reduce alcohol consumption and cravings, and automatically change their drinking behaviours. Therefore, mindfulness-based intervention for alcohol addiction is an option for health care providers to utilise in a rehabilitation programme to help restore the balance of life and prevent relapses among alcohol addicted patients.


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