Development of Image Measurement Viewer (IMV) Program to Measure Difference between X-ray Beam and Light Beam of X-ray Machine

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Surachai Tuiduang


       Testing of X-ray machines according to the quality standards of medical diagnostic tomography have requirement to check light beam. By the overlap between the beam and the light beam each side of the beam limiter shall not exceed 1% of the distance from the x-ray tube focal reference position to the image receiver. If the light beam and the beam do not match or exceed the standard will flatten the results of radiographic diagnosis. Hence, a computer program was written in C# to examine the beam and beam distortion. By comparing the measurement of the X-ray beam with the light beam. By reading results visually and programmatically, the maximum difference% is 75.44% and the minimum difference% is 0.17%.
          The data were obtained from the Dependent t-test to compare the reading results with the naked eye compared with the programmed reading (left, right, top and bottom) that each area was different significance statistically or not. Found that reading results with the naked eye and reading results with the program on the right no difference for the remaining three areas of reading, the result is a more accurate reading. This shows that in reading the results with the naked eye, if X-ray beams appear on the radiographs between the imperfect scales, making them more error-prone and different than reading results with a program.


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