Lot release of Plasma-derived products in Thailand

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Ubonwan Chaiarrayalert
Titaporn Pootipinyowat
Saranya Saichan
Paisan Pangjunan


          Plasma-derived products are biologics made from humans or animals and may be contaminated with microorganisms from blood due to inappropriate production control. Therefore, the regulatory agency has a lot release process to ensure the quality of plasma-derived products such as Human Albumin, Human Normal Immunoglobulin, Specific Immunoglobulin, Coagulation Factors, and various serums according to the international guidelines established by the World Health Organization. The objective of this study is to present the lot release of both imported and local plasma-derived products in Thailand between 2007 and 2020. Also, it can educate relevant public health personnel on the quality control of plasma-derived products following the international guidelines. This can ensure the quality of 3,723 lots of plasma-derived products used in Thailand during that period. The process was carried out by reviewing the summary production protocols, performing physical appearances of the registered drug and considering the trend analysis of their test results. The results showed that physical appearances by visual inspection of 3 lots (0.09%) of the imported Human Albumin did not comply with the European Pharmacopoeia and were rejected. It can be concluded that the lot release conducted by the regulatory authorities is an important tool for the regulation of plasma-derived products. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the consistent quality of each lot of plasma-derived product before it is released to the market in order to guarantee the product quality and safety.


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