Treatment of Internal Root Resorption: A Case Report

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Asa Benjarurawong


     Internal resorption is a destruction of intraradicular dentin around the root canal. The underlying causes have not been clearly identified due to its rare presence. Some of the potential predisposing factors include trauma, bacterial infection and dental procedure. Usually, the symptoms of the resorption can neither be observed nor detected during its initial phase. The indicative signs may appear after the communication between pulp root canal and oral cavity has been developed. The anatomy of pathology makes the treatment of internal resorption challenging particularly during the mechanical instrumentation and obturation phases of root canal treatment.
     This case report examines a 43-year-old male patient came with a chief complaint of swelling lateral to the nose. The radiographic examination reveals the presence of internal root resorption at maxillary canine. Despite the moderate to large size of lesion and the obliteration in the apical part of canal, the perforation is not detected suggesting that the prognosis is favorable.The endodontic treatment was performed by using the passive ultrasonic irrigation as a cleaning method followed the thermoplasticized injection technique for obturation. The treatment provided a satisfied results indicated by the healing of the lesion.
Keywords: Internal resorption, Internal root resorption, Root canal treatment


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