Teratoma Arising from Choledocal Cyst in Adult : A Case Report

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Sunisa Kongnanta


     In this report, we discussed a case of a 15year-old woman who presented abdominal pain and obstructive jaundice. The diagnosis from ultrasound was gallstones with biliary tree obstruction. The further Computed tomography(CT) with contrast enhancement revealing huge heterogeneous densities cystic-solid mass with contain area of calcification and fat causing biliary tree obstruction. Normal gallbladder is not well demonstrated from the CT scan. Our preoperative differential diagnosis included gallbladder teratoma and hepatic hilumteratoma. The mass resection was done and the histology revealed mature teratoma arising from choledocal cyst. We would like to presentinga unique case of mature teratoma arising from choledocal cyst diagnosed in 15 year-old woman.
     Keywords: teratoma, mature teratoma, choledocal cyst, extragonadal mature teratoma


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