Characteristics of Sports Injuries in Youth Athletes During the 35th Thailand National Youth Games 2019 “ Buri Ram Games”

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Paphawadee Potiruk


Background: Youths have more participate in sports that result in increasing of sports-related injuries especially in youth athletes. The injuries of the youth athletes are important issues due to the impact on the health, performance, sport results and drop out from sport activities.
Objective: To describe the pattern of injuries and treatment of youth athletes at the Sport Hero High Performance Center during the 35th Thailand National Youth Games, hosted by Buri Ram.
Methods: The recorded of injured youth athletes at the Sport Hero High Performance Center during the 35th Thailand National Youth Games were retrospectively reviewed.
Results: There were 119 injured athletes, 65 (54.6%) male and 54 female (45.4%). Mean age was 16.5 years. Among the 22 types of sport, basketball, athletes and volleyball are injured 25.2%, 20% and 10%, respectively, which were 55.2% of all injuries. About half of injured were non-contact sports, followed by limited-contact and full- contact sports. The most common diagnosis were muscle strain and ligament sprain. The ankle, lower back and knee were the common site of injuries. Most kind of treatment were ultrasound, taping, muscle stretching and massage.
Conclusion: Sport injuries in youth athletes were found in non- contact sports also. The most common site of injuries were lower extremities and lower back. The ability of youth athletes to return to sport and prevention of sport injury require proper sport medicine and rehabilitation, this includes appropriate adult supervision and coaching.
Keywords: sport injuries, youth athletes


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